There was a brickworks here in the 1800s. “Go in peace and sin no more” says the sign at Stone Fold. John Wesley, who passed this way in 1788, would certainly have approved, though he vowed never to come again until the road was mended.

A new brick company for Haslingden – A company has been formed with a capital of £2,000 to acquire, refurnish and work the Slate Brick Works, formerly worked by the owner Mr. John Greenwood. Operations are expected to commence a month hence. Messrs. D. Halstead, E. Schofield, W. H. Blaney, E. Barlow, H. Tattersall, H. Hall, A. Bailey, and James Watt are the princupal shareholders at present. [Ramsbottom Observer 7th February 1896]

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